This blog is part of Your Roots and Branches, a genealogy research business which will work with you and your family’s past to create family history materials that both honor your ancestors and delight you descendants. We don’t want books or binders that end up being objects to dust. We want histories – be they bound illustrated pages of history, ancestor cards, or even a recipe book that tells your family history though a treasured recipe and the people who made it and passed it on. We’ve worked primarily with people here in the United States to identify and learn about their ancestors in countries in the British isles, all across Europe, and in Canada and French Canada. And we love new challenges!

When we’re not working online or in libraries and archives, we also contemplate the world from a genealogist’s perspective. For this part of our work, we will write about current events in the world of genealogy, experiences we have had working with clients on their family histories, and we’ll use our blog as an opportunity to share our thoughts about our goals of making family history interesting and relevant to a family’s descendants.

Please explore our web site – Your Roots and Branches – enjoy our blogs, and let us know what you think. And certainly, if you’re interested in your own family’s history please contact us.


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